Individual Sessions

My fee is $95 per session which is typically one hour in length. Arrangements for longer or shorter sessions can be made.

In cases of financial hardship, I will work with the parties to develop a manageable payment plan. Financial assistance may also be available on a case by case basis. I am committed to ensuring that no one is turned away due to their inability to pay for my services.


Mediation/arbitration is usually charged at the standard rate of $95 per hour. A mediation/arbitration involving four or more parties will be $150 per hour.

Depending on how involved a mediation/arbitration will be, I will either charge a per hour rate as listed above or a flat rate for the entire process to be negotiated and agreed upon in advance with all parties involved.


The seminar is an eight-lesson study and can be taught once a week over a period of 5-8 weeks. Alternatively I can also teach the seminar on a weekend.

For churches or other groups who would like to host a seminar, my fee is as follows:

  • $45 per person (includes materials)
  • or a minimum of $800 in cases where the number of participants is too low to cover the expenses
  • travel costs if applicable


For churches who find it difficult to meet the costs, I am happy to discuss a set fee in advance.

Hope for Broken Relationships