Mediation is the processes of helping both parties to a conflict come to resolution. This process usually occurs with all parties together in the same room. Resolution can occur about personal and/or material conflicts through godly discussion and application of God’s Word.

The goal in mediation is to lead to a voluntary relational reconciliation and resolution of material issues. Mediation can be as simple as sitting down for a cup of coffee with two friends or as complicated as arranging an all-day meeting with several parties and a panel of mediators.

A mediation meeting will normally include: (1) an introduction and opening prayer; (2) statements by each party clarifying the issues involved; (3) the presentation of each party’s claims, defenses, and witnesses, as well as an opportunity for the other party to respond; (4) questioning by the mediators; (5) a discussion, sometimes in private at first, of each party’s responsibility for the dispute; (6) counsel involving the application of relevant biblical principles; (7) a discussion of appropriate solutions to the dispute; (8) agreement on a solution; and (9) closing comments and prayer. If the parties are unable to reach a voluntary agreement, the conciliators may meet in private for discussion, Bible study, and prayer, and then issue an advisory (non-binding) opinion as to what each party should do to resolve the dispute and facilitate reconciliation.

Hope for Broken Relationships